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Start your breastfeeding journey off ahead of the game — with a proven game plan to help you meet all your baby’s needs.

Personalized Postpartum Care and Consulting

I understand the importance of a seamless transition into the world of parenting. 

My Comprehensive Lactation Support Program is carefully crafted to provide you with professional guidance and support from your 3rd trimester to the first 3, 6, or 12 months postpartum. 


From my experience of working with moms and their babies, I've noticed some moms only need my support until their baby hits three months. On the other hand, some moms love help with building up their skill set and confidence until their little one is six months old. Yet, some moms find deep value in having me by their side for the entire first-year adventure.

It's all about what works best for you and your little one!

Flexible Programs for Every New Mom — Personalized Support You Deserve

Kick-off Prenatal Chat and Learning Session (2 hours):

A 2-hour kick-off prenatal consultation and lactation education session. We’ll answer any questions, settle any unease upfront, and put a postpartum support plan in place.

Postpartum Follow-up Visit (10 hours, within 7 days of birth):

A 10-hour visit within 7 days of birth to do a follow-up lactation consultation and overnight doula services to help you catch up on tasks or get some much-needed rest!

Regular Check-ins (2-week, 3-week, 4-week, 6-week, 8-week and 12-week, 10 hours each):

To provide you with the ongoing support you'll need, we'll have regular check-ins with overnight doula services giving us a chance to catch up, laugh, and navigate this wild ride together.

Prepping for Pumping:

A tele-health session dedicated to preparing you for pumping, so you can transition back to work with a peace of mind and confidence in your routine.

Introducing Solids Simplified:

A tele-health session dedicated to introducing solids with ease so you can skip the struggle.

Quick Fix Sessions (45 minutes):

45-minute follow-up appointments for urgent issues, anytime during the duration of your program. In-person sessions for the first 12 weeks, then we'll go virtual making it easy to pop in and tackle things together. 

Baby Massage Mastery:

All-encompassing access to infant massage education so that you learn how to soothe your little one.

Hotline to Happiness:

You'll have my phone number so that you always have access to me during your program! I encourage my clients to call or shoot me a text when stress and struggles are getting the best of them so that we can nip them in the bud!

While the timeline of support you’d like is up to you, all three programs include:

*While I give every mom I work with the one-on-one support she needs, 12-month package moms receive scheduling priority.*

Black mom breastfeeding her adorable baby
Mom breastfeeding her adorable baby

Every client I’ve worked with holds a piece of my heart.


Together, we work on strengthening an intimate bond between mothers and their babies, along with preparing parents and their colleagues for post-partum life, and to me, that is one of the most sacred things in life.


If you’re looking for a gentle guide to turn to for all things postpartum, I invite you to chat and see if we vibe! 


I’d love to meet you if you’re looking for a friendly guide who:

I'm Honored to Be There For You!

Listens to your unique goals, questions, and concerns without judgment

Enables you to live your life as a new parent more independently by providing the tools and skills you need to succeed, as well as non-rushed support

Provides a sacred space and friendship if you’re overwhelmed (or if you need to laugh at the raw and chaotic part of life with kids)

Looking for empathetic, practical, and light-hearted guidance to help you thrive and have peace of mind

It’s simple. You’re searching for a vibe — a feeling of genuine trust and respect that comes from trusting someone who can help you create a solid and successful plan. 


You want to be confident and clear as you meet each postpartum milestone.


You’re looking for more than a fleeting feeling — you’re looking for an aligned energy, a spark.


As a mom myself, I understand the last-minute hiccups that can pop up — at any time! 


I also understand the importance of having someone available — all the time!


That’s why I only take on a limited number of clients at a time so that I can make sure mom and baby are provided the utmost care and attention.


If you’d love to work with me, let’s chat on a commitment-free call and see if we’re a match to work together next! 

So, How Do You Know We’re the Right Fit?

Kayla, owner of Kplusk Lactation sitting and smiling

You're probably wondering...

  • I accept some insurance providers through The Lactation Network. Visit the K + K Lactation TLN page to check and see if your insurance provider is covered.

    If requested, I can provide you with a superbill that can be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement. Reimbursement rates are determined by each individual insurance plan. Please consult your insurance provider for details.

  • A typical initial appointment begins with discussing your breastfeeding goals and any issues you are experiencing. This is followed by physical assessments of you (the breastfeeding parent) and baby and a weighing, if necessary. 

    Then a feeding will be observed and I’ll discuss my thoughts and potential care plan. I encourage you to ask any questions you have throughout the appointment! 

    The appointment concludes with confirming a care plan, which I’ll put in writing and send to you after the appointment.

  • You’ll receive a link to the portal from me after our consultation. 

    For the appointment, it’s just you and your baby — so whatever makes you comfortable!

    Show up as you are — in your pajamas or half-naked or whatever you’re feeling that day!

    If you’ve been using any breastfeeding aids (a specific pillow, breast pump, etc) I suggest having them available though.

  • This varies so much for you and your specific needs, as well as the needs of your baby!


    This is also something I love to dive deep into in a free strategy session.

    Whether you need snacks while you relax, light cooking and cleaning, or to learn how to change diapers — I’m here to support you and your baby.

  • We teach infant massage in 5 different sections: legs, stomach, chest and arms, face, and back.

    Those are the 5 different lessons I offer for infant massage, and I teach you whichever ones that you think will be most beneficial for your baby. 

    For example, if your baby has a lot of digestion troubles or tummy trouble, I teach you how to do the stomach massages. 

    If your baby has trouble opening his or her mouth wide enough to get a good latch, we would work on the face massages to help relax their face muscles. 

    If your baby is super active, the leg massages are amazing because their legs get tired when they’re kicking non-stop. 


    When you make it part of your daily routine, it’s a wonderful bonding experience for you and your baby, and you both begin to look forward to it every day as well!

  • Not a problem! Let’s schedule a strategy session where I’ll learn about your goals and help you choose the best plan for you!

  • My packages are crafted with you in mind!

    During our free strategy session we’ll discuss your goals and choose the right plan for you. 

    If you find out later you’d like to extend your time, that’s no problem. We can just upgrade you to whichever plan feels right for you!

Kayla, owner of Kplusk Lactation standing and smiling
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Words from Happy Clients

“We would 100% recommend working with Kayla. We mostly relied on Kayla for postpartum support - she rocked it. I feel like I didn't lift a finger. Kayla orchestrated everything perfectly. If anything went wrong, I didn't know about it. My favorite thing about working with Kayla was that family and friends assumed she was our friend, which I loved.  My husband was impressed by how calm and kind she was while still staying on top of everything. My parents haven't stopped talking about how wonderful it was to work with Kayla. The icing on the cake was the phone call I made to Kayla the day after her last day with us - a visiting family member had misplaced a few things. She had collected it all and even returned things to their proper place - I could not have asked for a better doula”


Words From Happy Clients

“Our family appreciates and has been SO grateful for Kayla's energy and presence. I feel stronger and more confident because of her!”


Words from Happy Clients

“I had my first child during the shutdown of COVID when there were limited in-person resources at the time. I had really bad PPA when it came to breastfeeding and weaned earlier than I wanted due to a lack of support. With my second child, I wanted to have an LC to help me with my breastfeeding journey. Kayla has been a godsend! She has talked me through so many episodes of wanting to give up because of many worries. She is great at responding to any kind of communication. Has the sweetest and encouraging demeanor that I so needed. I am so grateful to have met her.”


Words from Happy Clients

“I can tell by my baby's relaxed arms and hands that the massage has made a difference. As he grows day by day, I can tell what he is more receptive to for any particular day and to become more in tune with him. This class has been a great way to connect with my baby as well as other moms.”

Individual Visit Options

For families who need support but don't want to commit to a full package, I offer a limited number of individual visit options based on availability

Overnight Doula Services

Pumping Education Sessions

Infant Massage Classes

Prenatal Breastfeeding Education

These Individual Visit Options Include:

Start your breastfeeding journey off ahead of the game — with a proven game plan to help you meet all your baby’s needs.

Every Mom Deserves Evidence-Based and Compassionate Support

Becoming a mom shouldn’t make you feel alone or put unbearable pressure on you…


Or make you feel like you’re inadequate at anything that you’re just learning… 


Because you’re not alone, and you’re right on track.


You’re learning how to “do” life in a whole new way and with a whole new focus. 


You got this — you just need a plan in place. 


When you equip yourself with amazing support and the tools to overcome questions, fears, and struggles…


It’s so much easier than going through feeling alone and stuck in your head. 


When you reach out for guidance, you give yourself peace of mind that you’re caring for your little one in the best way possible.


You free your headspace and time from a cycle of self-criticism, worry, and guesswork…


So that you can nurture your family and recover instead.


When you receive empathy and education from someone who can relate to you and who can help you overcome your struggles…


You’re able to kick your confusion and fear to the curb and focus on what’s important.…because you have accessible and trusted help.


You go from surviving to thriving during one of the craziest emotional rollercoasters of your life (thanks a lot, hormones). 


Working with a postpartum specialist gives you the freedom to receive:

Peace of mind and a safety net for the unexpected

Readily available support for any breastfeeding challenges

Trusted guidance for all things postpartum

A trusted resource for extra help and to answer all her questions

Real help without any generic or rushed answers

A plan in place for milestones like transitioning to solids

You deserve more than generic and rushed support for one of the most important milestones in your life.

Mom holding her baby in the air smiling

To cultivate a caring community that supports postpartum parents, I offer corporate consultations for businesses that want to go above and beyond for breastfeeding employees. 

Corporate Lactation Consultations

Small Business Consultations (100 or less employees):

This is for businesses that are growing quickly and want to put a policy in place for pregnant employees. Even if they’re unsure where to start, they know that they want to become more supportive of their postpartum employees.


Medium Business Consultations (101-300 employees):

This is for businesses who are having trouble retaining talent during the Great Resignation. They’re looking to provide employees with extra perks and build a reputation as an amazing place to work.


Large Business Consultations (301+ employees):

This is for businesses that want to set themselves apart from their competitors when it comes to attracting talent. They want to be a leader in their field — in the work they do and the type of experience their employees have working there. 

I offer a variety of lactation consulting services for every-sized business:

Creating a formal lactation policy

Returning to work education for breastfeeding employees