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Hi, I'm Kayla Kirk! 

I help families step into their postpartum journey with a proven, proactive plan.

Kayla, Owner of Kplusk Lactation sitting and smiling

Hey Momma! I'm Kayla Kirk

My Mission:

I started K+K Lactation after my own breastfeeding journey…


Because I know from first-hand experience and my own sleepless nights when I had my children how frustrating and overwhelming it can be as a new mom.


It can be so stressful when you’re trying to provide only the best for your newborn and when natural things don’t always come naturally.


So now I help families avoid postpartum stressing and second-guessing and focus on healing and bonding. 


When new moms put a proactive plan in place with a trusted guide before their baby arrives, it makes a world of difference for them and their babies.


That’s exactly why I do what I do.


I ensure that moms I work with never again face unexpected problems and urgent postpartum questions alone or go insane trying to figure it all out. 


I strive to cultivate a caring community of confident parents stepping into their postpartum journey. 

I don’t sell empty promises or regurgitate Googleable breastfeeding tips — I offer successful, evidence-based support and education. 

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Let’s cut to the chase — whether you’re a new parent or not-so-new, your baby is your world. 

You’re a courageous mom who wants to give your baby nothing but the best...And you don’t have to find all the answers alone.

I understand how scary it can be.

When I had my two children, I struggled with sleepless nights, spent way too many hours Googling, and dealt with tongue ties and oral surgery. 

After that, I knew that I wanted to help make sure other moms never have to face that struggle without trusted, reliable, and readily available support. 

Although babies don’t come with a user manual, you don’t have to struggle and find the answers alone. 

As an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, a Certified Postpartum and Infant Care Doula, and a Certified Infant Massage Instructor, it’s an honor helping moms meet their goals.


I love helping them learn about pumping, transitioning to solids, going back to work, and so much more in our 1-on-1 sessions. 


It’s also an honor assisting them with everything from light cooking and cleaning to watching their baby while they rest or catch up on other life stuff. 


I love what I do.


I get to help families with these beautiful life transitions so that they can enjoy some of the most precious moments of their lives.

I have professional training and I’m a mom — I know exactly what you’re going through.

My world revolves around my wonderful and hilarious two-year-old and four-year-old, and drinking a good cup of coffee is basically my favorite hobby (trust me, the two go hand-in-hand). 


But seriously, I love going to coffee shops with my kids and husband. Ever since they were born, we have loved our coffee shop family dates because it's our time to bond, read, and talk as a family. 


We also love to explore nature, and that’s where you’ll also often find us! 


Whether it's chilling in our backyard, hiking in the Vegas area, camping in the desert, or exploring nearby states, we’re often packing up our Subaru Crosstrek and checking off a new place in our travel journal. 


In all honesty, almost everything else in my life is community-oriented and community-rooted. 


When I’m not browsing our favorite local shops in Boulder City, I’m usually hanging out with my kids’ tight knit school community where we love to enjoy everything from picnics, cool outings, and fairs!

My Other Loves

So, How Do You Know We’re the Right Fit?

You want empathy and compassion — none of that cold, calculated, and dismissive nonsense. 


You need genuine trust and confidence and to be seen, understood, and respected.


I understand, and I want that for you.


We have a common mission — helping you start your breastfeeding journey with confidence, clarity, and consistency. 


You’re starting out on one of the most important journeys of your life. 

I’m a mom — I get it. You're looking for a vibe.

You deserve to feel safe and supported.

Kayla, Owner of Kplusk Lactation standing and smiling
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